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I have no idea how I managed to hold conferences without the XTag application.


Tel Aviv University

Participants keep praising me for the technological capabilities they have been offered at the conference I have organized.


Tali Pais productions

This is a real game changer. This application is a must for every conference.


Meda Conferences

These are just a few testimonials from the best conference producers in the country, which demonstrate the huge revolution introduced by XTag’s conference application.

XTag’s conference application, available through App Store and Google Play, is a cutting-edge technological tool that substantially improves conference management and participant experience. The application is part of the central conference management system. Thanks to this, conference management becomes a far easier experience. Among other things, conference managers benefit from the capability to observe real time statistics such as the number of attendees and their complete details, as well as who arrived and who did not. Conference managers can also upload an agenda to the conference application and introduce real time timetable updates and changes.

A conference application addresses a very substantial need by conference and event participants all over the world. Our conference application makes the conference interactive, offering participants the capability of being routinely updated regarding timetables, ranking lectures and lecturers. Participants can also answer feedback surveys, ask questions and receive information regarding the conference’s sponsors. In addition, the conference application allows participants to send chat messages to one another, set-up meetings, download visiting cards, add friends, share pictures from the conference, etc. By using this application, participants will dramatically enhance the benefit drawn from taking part in the conference, both knowledge and business wise.