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Participant event & conference meeting calendars – “on-line” to meet

An inseparable part of XTag’s responsibility in conference and special event registration management is to activate online services in advance, in order to support management activities. Using the company’s website as a database allows for prior acquaintance with each participant’s business profile, as well as an ability to set-up meetings during the conference. This is one of our most advanced and cutting-edge applications, which enhances your event with significant added value.

As far as users are concerned, meeting calendar coordination via the conference’s website and application is not only simple to use, but also holds great importance due to its potential.

Participant meeting calendars – how does it work?

Those registering in advance to a conference are required to establish a business profile that includes personal, professional and business aspects, allowing other participants to learn what types of meetings the participant wishes to hold and the kind of people he or she may wish to meet.

Every participant receives login details to the conference’s application, as part of the standard registration procedure. The application serves as a key with which the participant is able to run his or her conference's meeting calendar. Using the conference application, the participant is able to view the details of other participants and set-up meetings with them according to their open time slots, while also receiving and accepting offers to meet sent by fellow participants. Setting-up meetings is possible before and during the conference.

By choosing to operate an online meeting calendar system, you will upgrade your event. This truly creates a conceptual difference: during the conference as well as beforehand, the event generates business opportunities for participants, allowing for a triple experience based on knowledge and expertise, change of social atmosphere and dynamics, and business development.

The bottom line is that meeting calendars for event participants enables them to synchronize their calendars in order to set meetings to satisfy every party’s schedule constraints, become familiar with fellow participants' business profiles and use the constantly evolving database of conference participants to coordinate meetings in a designated compound that would be assigned for this purpose throughout the event. This is made possible via an easy-to-use application with a smart interface.