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The success of conferences and events is measured by three main parameters: The level of participant satisfaction regarding content, the quality of production and last but not least, the generation of significant business contacts during the conference. Registration desks are the conference visitors’ first encounter with the gathering space. This, alongside the importance of the gathered data, makes the conference registration system and registration desks an extremely important and vital stage of conference professionalism and success.

The professional operation of conference registration and name tag production points, as an integral part of the event’s professional conduct, is a vital and supreme measure of ensuring the conference’s success, both in terms of production and organization as well as in terms of the capability to generate contacts. In addition, we developed a unique application that can be downloaded for free to any smartphone, thus maximizing the business tie generation and creating an additional layer of professional content.

Conference Registration – The Satisfaction Parameter

A happy client is a conference organizer or a producer, whose visitors enjoyed taking part in the conference, obtaining knowledge and generating contacts that prompt them to return to the next event. The professional and courteous staff provides your participants with personal attention, allowing them to maximize their familiarity with the event agenda as well as with conference knowledge and contact opportunities. Efficiency during registration carried out by experienced and representative hostesses specializing in conferences, not to mention clearly printed name tags with the participants' details, ensure a swift and efficient registration process, safe and relaxed participants and a professional organizational tone that reflects on the overall standard of the event.

Conference Registration – The Business Connection Parameter

Professional conferences are unequalled as both a resource and an instrument for generating business connections. Many individuals sign up to a conference in order to gather new and significant business connections or knowledge. Name tag production for conferences, computerized records and management of an informative participant database, in conjunction with our unique conference application, takes participants' business ties generation capabilities to a different level. As the participants’ satisfaction is paramount, the dedicated and experienced hostess staff provide cordial, efficient and warm service, conducting optimal system registration and issuing personal name tags.